About Us

Trans Asia Pipeline& Specialty Services, a company established in United Arab Emirates in 2001 is a leading establishment providing various services to Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Power Industries in the Region. With offices throughout the GCC Region, the company has more than 400 experienced and specialist employees working in 12 different countries providing a variety of Pipeline, Process and Industrial Services. Since its inception the company has successfully executed a number of projects for major National Oil Companies, Global Oil & Gas majors and EPC contractors in the Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia and India.

The company started out as a specialist service provider for pre-commissioning of new pipelines, the company today provides various services such as Flooding, Cleaning & Gauging, Hydrostatic Testing, Caliper surveys & ILI inspections, Dewatering, Drying and Nitrogen Services for various Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas pipelines. Till date the company has successfully executed pre-commissioning of more than 10,000km of pipelines varying from 2 inches to 56 inches in sizes. Today Trans Asia is a leading service provider in the region as well as a preferred subcontractor for pipeline pre-commissioning services in the region.

Through continuous investments in various R&D activities as well as strategic alliances with renowned international brands, the companies range of services are expanding as customers bring new requirement and challenges. Over years, although pre-commissioning has remained backbone of the core activities, the company has expanded into process and industrial services and now provides various process and industrial services such as Chemical Cleaning, Oil Flushing, Nitrogen Testing, Hydro jetting, Tank sludge removal, valve service and repairs, Flange Management etc.

In an industry where knowledge and experience are keys to success, the Company employees over 400 dedicated and experienced professionals with an average industry experience of 20 years. The company treats its workforce as the most valuable assets. With such professional work force and latest advanced equipment fleet that can cater to variety of different services, Trans Asia has always been at forefront by providing industry specific services at competitive rates with difference.

Trans Asia is highly committed towards Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Management and has adopted latest QHSE standards based on ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. All Trans Asia facilities, workshops, Yards and worksites are certified to these standards. We optimize the value created for our clients by conducting our business in a manner that promotes safe work culture and avoids risks to our employees, clients and environment.

Trans Asia gives the essence of experience. It reflects "Experience and Excellence" in every aspect whether it is the team, product lines, offerings, scope, legacy and solutions. It stands for the industry bests that one can experience in every interface with Trans Asia Pipeline Services. This attests to the fact that we possess excellent knowledge with years of experience. All this translates into a simple yet powerful promise.

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